Jean-Luc Daniel

Jean Luc Daniel is a musician, sound engineer, music producer, studio founder, composer and publisher. As one of the founders of BAM Productions, Jean Luc was involved in dozens of major advertising campaigns, TV movies, documentaries, cartoons and films. During that era, he bought the legendary Acousti studios (host to such legends as Mick Jagger, Alexandre Desplat, Klaus Badelt, Gabriel Yared, Grégoire Hetzel and Jorge Arriagada). He developed a music library, producing and managing rights for hundreds of albums and compositions.

Publishing and copyright have a very important role in Jean Luc’s professional life. His knowledge and understanding of the potential hazards that can get in the way of creating great art are what led him to start Touché Music.

Through Touché Music, Jean Luc and his partners are paving new ways to produce and to manage music. A music that aims to meet the pressuring economic and technological challenges of modern artists and media.

“Music is neither more nor less than one of the actors in the film, and the best example is « Close Encounter of the Third Kind » where the melody of Bartok allows inter-species communication. A universal language for some, an artistic expression of time passed for others, music is a need anchored in us most certainly because we are a communicating species, whose first expressions were oral and sonorous.”  –  Jean Luc Daniel