Virginie Lancetti

Virginie Lancetti is in the film business for more than fifteen years, as one of the most respected production managers and line producers in Europe. She is known for her work with multi-awarded directors like Nicole Garcia, David Fincher, John Lasseter (Pixar),  Fred Garson, Michael Radford, Roy Andersson, Roland Joffe, Martin Werner, and the multi-awarded studios Passion Pictures and Aardman Animation to name but a few.

She has collaborated with leading french TV channels to produce successful programs on Canal+ in partnership with leading global films distributors. Additionally, she has acted as a line producer on documentaries for french TV networks.

Virginie Lancetti has also used her expertise in the event industry. She produced impressive and precursor events that supported her passion for encouraging wellbeing and consciousness elevation in this chaotic world. She invited Deepak Chopra for an acclaimed conference at le Grand Rex, Paris. It is considered as one of the major consciousness events of the decade in Europe to date.She also invited Arun Gandhi and Marianne Williamson to deliver one of their highly sought after teachings in France.

Virginie Lancetti co-founded Touché Music to produce music for the film industry and to bring positive changes in this world. She believes that music is a powerful tool to unite emotion and image, for the purpose of touching the hearts of all Human Beings and to encourage a real change in how we experience the world.

« Too often we give low consideration to music and focus mainly on the cast and the story. However, one cannot deny the crucial role that music has taken when director/producers really take it into consideration; who can forget the effect of music in “Jaws”, “Terminator”, “Star Wars”, “Edward Scissorhands”, “The Godfather” or “Close Encounters of the Third Kind.”   –  Virginie Lancetti